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Adjustable Anchoring Structure


Multi-functional Soft Robot


Fast-Build Modularized Design Block


Soft Technology that Enables People with Hand Disabilities to Grasp


This video presents a new, modularized design concept for soft robots based on a bottom-up approach by assembling units. This concept enables the structures and motions of soft robots to be rapidly prototyped and revised to create new designs that can accomplish different tasks.


SNUMAX is the grand winner of the RoboSoft Grand Challenge. The tasks of the challenge required robotic compliant components that could adapt to variable situations and environments and generate enough stiffness to maintain performance. SNUMAX completed all the tasks using three key components: transformable origami wheels, a polymer-based variable stiffness manipulator, and an adaptive caging gripper.


Compactness and weight is one of the most important factor in hand exoskeletons, or wearable robots for the hand. However there are limitations cause from various transmission and actuation methods for high degree of freedom. We focused on developing a soft wearable device named ‘GRIPIT’ that has compactness and low weight due to the high force transmission ratio of the device.

Wearable Cutaneous Haptic Device

Wearable cutaneous haptic device consists of 1) cutaneous haptic feedback module, which utilizes a FSR sensor and stretch sensors for the direct feedback control of the direction and magnitude of three-DOF fingertip contact force and 2) hand tracking module, which utilizes inertial measurement units (IMU) for multi-DOF joints (e.g., TM joints of the thumb) and stretch sensors for single-DOF joint (e.g., PIP joints) of fingers while preventing electromagnetic interference between the motors and IMUs.

Water Strider

Jumping on water is a unique locomotion mode found in semi-aquatic arthropods, such as water striders. To reproduce this feat in a surface tension–dominant jumping robot, we elucidated the hydrodynamics involved and applied them to develop a bio-inspired impulsive mechanism that maximizes momentum transfer to water.


A Milli-Scale Height-Adjustable Jumping Mechanism and Its Application to Jumping-Crawling Robot (ICRA 2016)

Soft Arm Weight Support Device

Content: Soft Arm Weight support device has been developed to reduce the muscle fatigue on the shoulder. This consists of “Soft Adaptable Anchoring Structure”, “Passive Force Profile Generator”, and “Changeable Tendon Routing Structure”. The assistive force is generated by the “Passive Force Profile Generator” according to the shoulder and elbow posture, and it is transmitted through the “Changeable Tendon Routing Structure” to apply the force against gravity. The, this structure is attached on the human body through the Soft Adaptable Anchoring Structure by adapting the various body posture.


Exo-Glove Poly is a polymer based soft wearable robot for the hand that enables people who lost their hand function to grasp various objects with their hand. Exo-Glove Poly is built using polymer for comfort of the user and easy sanitization. Exo-Glove Poly is composed of wearable part and actuation unit. Design features to allow adjustment to different hand sizes and to protect users from injury were implemented. By restoring the hand function with this assistive technology, we hope that more people with disability will be able to live a better independent life.
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